Unfit Earth/Dyspnea is released

The split 12″ with Dyspnea is finally here



Release by the bands and We dont fight it, Scarecrow, Scullcrasher, True to the game Records,Sabrota DIY and Weird face Productions label/distros

Price at 8 euros.

Email us at unfitearth@hotmail.com to get your copy


Unfit Earth/Dirty Wombs Split 7″ out now!

We are happy to announce that our first release is out now! Its a split with japcore dudes Dirty Wombs from Patra. It contains our 5-minute length track “Onwards to the Fall” and 2 tracks by Dirty Wombs.

The split was released by the bands and the World’s Appreciated Kitsch Records, We Don’t Fight It Records, and Eye5 Records.

You can purchase the split through us, Dirty Wombs or one of the above distros.

It will also be available in our upcoming gig in Matsaggou Squat.

Price: 3.5 euros

Price for distros: 3 euros

Listen it here or download here

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